5 fabulous actions to increase the sales of your web shop


Of course we hope that your webshop is a success, but there are always periods in which your sales falter. What do you do then? Panic? Hell no. You do launch actions that give your webshop sales a boost. And if you're looking for inspiration, you've come to the right place. In this blog we list 5 fabulous actions that you can implement immediately!   

1.Hot and happening

As a web shop owner it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the news. News is not only interesting for your content and social media, but also for sales actions. This way you can respond to the weather. Heat wave? Then give a discount on sun creams, parasols, caps or another summer product. Is the mercury dropping below zero? Perfect to put hats and scarves, but also a car cover against a frozen windshield in the spotlight. Whatever you sell, you can certainly come up with an action that ties in with the current temperatures. 
Is the weather not so interesting? Then there's bound to be another topical you can get going with. Back to school, the European Football Championship, World Animal Day ... Every day is a good day, as long as it fits the products you sell and connects with your brand identity. 

2.Baby, it's your last chance! 

Scarcity and urgency often boost your sales. You can address this in two ways:

  • Communicate that the stock of a certain product is running out and it is the last chance to shop it. Last size XL? Last limited edition backpack? Or only two coffee mugs in millennial pink left in stock? Let people know it's their last chance to get it! 
  • Or generate urgency by handing out discounts for a very limited time. How about a 24-hour flash sale?   
Another great idea is to give a certain part of your customer base (e.g. newsletter subscribers) early access to a new product or let them enjoy the sales earlier than others. This boosts your sales and gives these customers a special VIP feeling. 

3.A story of give and take 

Stimulate purchases in your webshop by giving something away for free. You can do this from a certain purchase amount or for a specific product where you want to increase sales. We call this a gift with purchase or GWP. Important: choose something that your target really wants. So no trash, but sustainable goodies that have been thought through. Need help? At Kick And Rush we can not only design and produce your merchandise, we can also help you think about the right approach and strategy to adopt. 
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Maybe you see an opportunity to join forces with another brand? Go for a win-win action: when making a purchase in your webshop, your customers get a free goodie from them, and in their webshop a free goodie from you. This way you not only create a cool action that stimulates your sales, but you also link your name to a brand that shares your values and whose target group you want to appeal to. Pic-1-4 

5.Loyalty is key 

Loyalty programs have been a well-known sales strategy for years. loyalty cards, savings campaigns, points systems ... They give your sales not only a boost offline, but also in your webshop you can set up a loyalty program. For example, you can award your customers points when they make a purchase. Or go a step further and give points for a follow on social media, a review, a referral from a friend ... You can work with tools such as Smile and Stamped or have this custom built by your web agency. 

Need help with the design and development of your sales actions, such as a gift with purchase or a loyalty program? Great, because we'd love to help.  
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