Boost your sales through gifts with purchase


Want to drive sales and keep your customers happy while adding a fun twist? Now you can! And while this may sound like the opener to yet another boring YouTube ad, we promise that by the time you’ve finished reading this blogpost you will know how to boost your sales with merchandising. Curious? Read on to find out more!

A valuable sales booster

What’s nice about merchandising as a sales booster is that it benefits your company, in addition to offering genuine added value for your customers. How? It’s simple. You develop and design a fun item with a merchandising partner. You give this item away to your customers for free when they spend a certain amount (be realistic) or when they buy a specific product. This is called a “gift with purchase”.


The benefits

The underlying reasoning is pretty straightforward. You offer customers something for free with their purchase, a little gratuity that they really want. This will, in turn, spur your potential customers to buy something and boost your sales. But gifts with purchase (GWP) have several other benefits. Here is a short list:

  • A GWP increases your sales with a specific period. Perfect for a product launch, a seasonal item with lots of competition or when a product is not selling as you expected.
  • This will logically increase your revenue for this period.
  • A GWP will drive immediate sales. You guide your customers through the sales funnel faster by creating a sense of urgency through your campaign.
  • You can link your merchandising gifts to a rewards card or a points system, ensuring customers return because they want those points or that reward.
  • There’s more to it than money. Offering merchandising with a product is fun and promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Finally, merchandising increases your brand value, because your target group associates your brand with a specific experience that promotes your brand values.

A man prepared ...

To really make it work – and reap all the benefits – you need to give the item that are offering your customers a lot of thought. Don’t just pick something because it looks cool or is in line with your budget. On the contrary, a merchandising campaign requires a carefully developed strategy, in which you analyze your target audience and its needs. If you want loyal, satisfied customers, then this is the only way forward.


Perhaps you find yourself thinking: eh? Where do I start?

Or: who has the time for this? No worries! At Kick And Rush, we love to develop merchandising strategies and campaigns. In fact, it’s what we enjoy more than anything else. We will explain how we do this with an example:

Avène Eau Thermale: mission accomplished!

Our campaign for Avène is an excellent example of how the right branded merchandise can drive sales in your stores. Because let’s be honest: nowadays, brands are expected to go the extra mile to stand out from the competition. Both online and on social media, as well as offline in retail. The POS is tremendously important, especially for a brand like Avène which is mainly sold at pharmacies.

Pierre Fabre Cosmetics, Avène’s parent company, asked us to develop a promotional item that would boost the sale of its sunscreen for children. Alright! This is the kind of mission we love. We decided to eliminate the most obvious items (toiletry pouch, beach towel, sunglasses), and created a cute plush octopus that could be turned inside out instead.


We added a pictogram for a preventative measure that people can take to avoid sunburn on every tentacle. This included Avène sunscreen, of course, as well as wearing protective clothing and sitting in the shade under a parasol. As you may have guessed, both parents and children loved this cool octopus and were eager to get their own. It got lots of oohs and aahs, but the main thing is that product sales increased incrementally. In addition to educating children and their parents about protection from the sun, the campaign also contributed to Avène’s brand value.

Communication is everything

Got your strategy? Check. Designed your promotional product? Double check. Have you considered the potential impact of your GWP on the shipping cost of your online shop? Oh, definitely. Don’t forget to inform people about your gift with purchase through various channels to entice them to your store, whether online or brick-and-mortar.


A banner on your website, a write-up in your newsletters, social media posts and ads ... and promotional material in the store itself. Just a few ways to keep the ball rolling!

Ready to boost your sales?

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