How do you welcome a new colleague?


Congratulations! Since you have clicked on this blog post, we suspect that your team is expanding. As fantastic as that is, it can also be challenging. Recruiting a new employee involves a lot of paperwork and an exciting selection round. As their first day on the job draws near, you face another challenge: how can you welcome your new colleague in a fun way? Not to worry! You'll do fine if you follow these tips.

Give them a warm, welcoming and clear reception

Take a moment to think back on your first day at your company. Can you remember how you felt? You probably felt a bit awkward, a little nervous and especially overwhelmed by all the new information coming your way. As the newest member of an organisation, you are thrown into a brand-new world full of structures, terminology and flows that are business as usual for the existing team. It can take a while before you feel at home and comfortable. It is therefore important to give your new colleague good guidance, a warm welcome and the opportunity to ask questions.

Zorg voor een warm, welkom én duidelijk onthaal 

There is nothing so awkward as arriving at your new job, only to be met with a questioning gaze from everyone around you: Who is that?! You should be well prepared for your new employee's arrival and make sure everyone in the department knows that someone new will be joining you.

Appoint someone to welcome the new colleague, give them a tour of the company and explain everything they need to know. Do not forget about the small yet no less significant things. How does the printer work? What do you all do for lunch? Where's the bathroom?

You want your newest team member to feel right at home and understand the organisational culture. This helps them overcome their awkwardness in no time at all.

Create a welcome package

The perfect way to break the ice is to give the new employee a personalised welcome package. It can include practical things, such as:

  • HR documents (employment agreement, workplace regulations, a list of official vacation days...)
  • An overview of the organisation's mission, vision and values
  • Useful information such as the Wi-Fi access code, a server manual and important telephone numbers
  • A floor plan of the building
  • A list of local hotspots, such as your favourite sandwich place or the cocktail bar you all like to go after work

Furthermore, you can include various goodies and gifts in the welcome package that you give to new employees. This is a great way to make them feel appreciated. Think of e.g. chocolates or a small plant for their new desk.

Even better is branded merchandise: items printed in your organisation's corporate style. Of course, you could opt for some nice ballpoint pens and notepads, but here at Kick and Rush, we like to think outside the box and look for original ways for you to welcome your new colleague.

Persoonlijke welkomstkit

How about a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for hands-free callers? A stylish travel mug for coffee-guzzling commuters? A handy salad container to promote healthy lunches-to-go? Even better, a branded fitness and yoga mat? The more original, the better.

Whatever you want to give your new employee, you are guaranteed to find what you're looking for in our extensive catalogue, which is packed with items that we can personalise in your own corporate style. There is no better welcome gift than an awesome goodie that also exemplifies your company's values!

Set up a buddy system

Especially in large teams, a buddy system is an effective way to welcome and integrate new efficient in your organisation. It not only guarantees that the new guy or girl is off to a quick start, but also improves the workplace atmosphere and therefore everyone's productivity.

Zet een buddysysteem op

It is not always immediately clear to a new employee where they can go with their questions and it is not easy to just walk up to someone you don't know and ask them. Connect your new talent to an experienced “buddy” who is familiar with the way things are done in your organisation. They can serve as the new employee's main point of contact if they have questions, doubts or concerns and help them seamlessly integrate into the team. Check!


New remote worker?

Whether you are in charge of an international team or everyone is forced to work from home because of the coronavirus; welcoming a new team member remotely is not always easy, which means you need to prepare even better for it. If you decide to create a welcome package, you can send it to their home address. It is also a good idea to organise a digital welcome session to immediately inundate your new remote employee in your team spirit.

Since there is usually little time for chit-chat during a video conference, you can ask your team members to schedule a one-on-one call with their new colleague instead. This is a great way for everyone to get to know each other and it is guaranteed to make the new employee feel like part of the team - even remotely.


In conclusion: it is important to be patient with the new employee and remember that you were once in their position. Didn't you need a little time to settle in? With these tips and a little bit of extra enthusiasm, your newbie is guaranteed to become a real evergreen in no time. We guarantee it!

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