New rules on merchandise with Bamboo.


Many products made from bamboo fibres are often not 100% bamboo! Usually melamine is added. Well, any material that contains melamine, even in very small quantities, is considered plastic and must therefore comply with European Union regulations. What you need to remember:


  • Articles that come into contact with food and are based on bamboo and melamine fibres may no longer be marketed.The use of bamboo fibres in plastic materials is not permitted and products of this type that are marketed do not comply with European standards.
  • 100% bamboo products are no problem at all.Products made exclusively of bamboo (e.g. reusable straws) that do not contain melamine or other plastics are permitted and fall under other laws. Not all products on the market are problematic, but in all cases the conditions of use recommended by the manufacturer should be observed. On most of these products you will find a label with a small logo prohibiting microwave use. High heat and melamine do not go well together—above 70°C the substances can migrate into food.

    At Kick And Rush, you have nothing to worry about. We assure you that everything we produce is 100% in line with the applicable and imposed regulations. Would you like to receive more information? 

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