Reboarding: back to the office after the pandemic


Finally! After more than a year of working from home, we can now return to working together at the office. Reboarding – helping your employees adjust to the changed situation – is the ‘new normal’ in 2021. Whichever way you look at it, your employees will have to re-adapt and adopt a flexible attitude towards each other. Returning to the office after the pandemic? These tips will help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Talk it out

1. Talk it out

Everyone has experienced working from home differently. For some it was a breath of fresh air to not have to sit in traffic every day, whereas for others it was a challenge to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Some had to juggle work with a young family at home, or couldn't concentrate without the peer pressure of colleagues around them, or found it hard to switch off from work at the end of the day. It's not black and white, as every employee will have discovered both advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

That is why it is important to give your employees the opportunity to share their feelings and experiences. Talk about it over lunch, but also schedule one-on-one meetings. Ask your team members which habits they wish to take forward and which they would prefer to leave behind. 

one-on-one meetingsFor example, Nadia got into the habit of taking a walk in the afternoon and wants to be able to continue exercising when she returns to the office. And Laurens prefers to work from home on Thursdays so he doesn't have to rush home to make it to his badminton training on time. As the employee or HR manager, you should also be crystal clear about your expectations. Good agreements make good friends.

2. Relax, take it easy

Going from always working from home to full-time at the office can be an overwhelming culture shock. It's like a roller coaster with many consecutive loops. You need a moment to catch your breath! 

As the employer or HR manager, you probably want to get back to ‘normal’ as quickly as possible and want all your team members back in the office. But don't underestimate how exhausting this transition will be for them and the impact it will have on their motivation and performance. An exhausted team is not a productive team. For employees who are already rather sensitive to overstimulation, it is especially important to approach reboarding as a gradual process. For example, start by inviting your employees to work at the office one or two days per week in small groups. 

3. A pleasant surprise

Change is easier when there's an element of fun to it. Why not host a ‘welcome back’ breakfast or finish up the workday a little earlier to take some time to relax together? A cool Back-To-Work box from Kick and Rush makes a great extra surprise. We have designed four brand-new sustainable boxes, especially for reboarding after Covid, which can be customised to your house style and delivered straight to your office. 

cool Back-To-Work box

  • The Plantastic Box contains, as the name suggests, a lovely air-purifying plant for your desk. In addition, the box has fun goodies such as sticky notes made of grass fibre, bath salts for relaxing after a long day at work, and delicious sweets.
  • The Caffeine Is My Vaccine Box is for the coffee addicts among us. A pen with ink that smells like coffee? A notebook made from coffee waste? A portable coffee cup? Soap that contains coffee grounds? We’ve got it all.
  • Relax at home and at the office with the Zen Again Box. A beautiful desk organiser gives you the ultimate Marie Kondo experience, an anti-stress ball pen is the perfect remedy for your everyday worries, and a cherry stone pillow helps alleviate tense muscles. To top it off, the box also contains a lovely, sustainable notebook.
  • The Ca(i)re Box takes care of your employees’ physical and mental health. A wooden laptop stand facilitates an ergonomic position, and an aesthetically pleasing air purifier creates a pleasant working environment and an aromatherapeutic experience. The mandala colouring book is perfect for clearing your head during breaks.

Want to order a box for you and your team? Contact us for info and prices!

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