Shoot for the stars! Product photography and the importance of packshots


Are you launching your own product or product line? Well done! You probably have a long journey behind you, with lots of research and development. And there are so many exciting things ahead of you! Building your online shop, looking for and contacting potential partners, determining a communication strategy and … product photography. The importance of having product photos taken professionally is often overlooked, while these really do belong in the must-do category of today’s visual landscape. This blog tells you why product photography is a smart investment with great returns. Camera, lights, action!

We’re living in a visual world

We’re living in a visual world

Just like in a brick-and-mortar shop, website visitors are primarily triggered by what they see. They generally start by looking at your photographs, scrolling down until they see something that catches their eye and only then will they actually start reading what it’s all about. You don’t do it any differently, do you? Having good copy and a user-friendly online shop is of crucial importance, but there is nothing more important than attractive visuals

attractive visuals

High-quality product photos inspire confidence, after all. A high-quality, professional photo that makes your product look attractive will convince your prospective customers that you are selling a reliable product much faster. And that the postman will bring them exactly what they see on the photo. 

Tip: if possible, post a few lifestyle images in addition to packshots (your product shot against a white or transparent background). Lifestyle images place your product in a setting that will give your prospective customers an idea of how your product will fit into their lifestyle. Place your product in a genuine interior, or engage a model for some gorgeous photoshoots of your bracelets. 

A good product shot can be the deciding factor to persuade a website visitor to make an actual purchase. This is why we at Kick and Rush consider product photos to be an integral part of every online shop and offer all-in-one packages. Not only will we build your online shop; we will assist you from strategy to design – and with taking attractive packshots. All in one, baby! 

This doesn’t apply exclusively to online shops.

Don’t have an online shop? You may think that, in that case, there is no need for you to hop on the packshot bandwagon, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Product photos are important for many other reasons. They can be used for the following purposes:

  • Product photos can be used for your online communication, such as a carousel ad on your Facebook page, or in your newsletters. On top of that, you can give your creativity free rein by creating social media visuals such as collages and GIFs. 
  • Packshots are of crucial importance for the press. Magazines and newspapers prefer to use (high-quality!) product photos shot against a white or transparent background, as this allows the product to be presented as clearly as possible and gives them complete freedom to place the item on a page without having to do any cut-out work. 
  • When you are looking for potential partners, product shots help them get an impression of your product before you send them a sample. This way, they can immediately sense whether your product corresponds to their style – and you will convey a professional approach.

It’s not an easy job

Can’t you just shoot some photos of your products by yourself, you ask? Perhaps you can, if you are a photography ace and have the right tools at your fingertips. You may think that all you need in order to take a good packshot is put your product in front of a white sheet and press the shutter, but in reality there is much more to it than that. Apart from a good camera and a lightbox, you also need some good photoshopping skills with regard to light and colour correction!

There are also a few products are simply hard work to photograph. You have to make sure that your packshots are colourfast, that the proportions and dimensions of your product are accurately represented and that your product is attractive and looks fresh. Photographing food, for example, is not always such an easy task. This also applies to items with reflective packaging. There are also products such as sofas and bicycles that are so large that it is impossible to shoot them in an at-home lightbox. 

Really good packshots are also detailed. Preferably, your products are shot from all possible angles: from the front, the side and the back; with packaging and without packaging – and so on. And your photos should be of such high quality that you can zoom in to see the details of the finish. This is a big advantage, particularly with fabrics!  

products are shot from all possible angles

Do you understand the added value of packshots for your brand, but don’t know where to start? Call in the help of a professional partner. At Kick and Rush, we are experts in e-commerce and will be happy to assist you in taking some awesome product shots that you can use for all your advertising communication. Are you ready?

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